gaggan mudgal

The Magic behind the Voice.

His voice defines what velvet resonance sounds like. His rich baritone flows like words caress feelings. Radio is his first love. Acting is his passion. The stage is his Domain. Script writing is what he does with a natural fervour. Sense of humour that seems inherent and effortless. With Encyclopaedic knowledge of music and Bollywood. A man of diverse talents, he wears each accolade on his sleeve with immense humility.

Evoking emotions amongst his listeners for the last 20 years on the Air Waves, Gaggan Mudgal is now here, on this platform to continue to steal your hearts. An effortless charm of poetry rendition, a natural talent of making every word alive with emotion, a generous heart to connect with his listeners and a mesmerizing voice to top it all.

Tune in to have access to his bottomless treasure of poetry, his favourite songs and music genres, his knowledge of Music and Bollywood trivia and his passion for it all.


‘’ Working in the Radio Industry for more than 20 years, I have been soaking in music in all it’s Genres and eras. Just like it is hard for a parent to choose favourites amongst his kids, it is very unlikely for me choose a few amongst hundreds of songs that I play and love. Nevertheless I would love to share my absolute all-time favourites.’’


The Golden era of music In the Hindi Film Industry, when lyrics were the epitome of romance and emotion and music was at its melodious best. An Era when the pioneers of Music Industry gave their heart and soul to their work. (name a few singers and musicians from that period) I am a Big Fan of all these Artistes. Here is my playlist of songful 70’s which I am sure after listening to, will be yours too.


When we think of the music of 80’s in the Indian Cinema, the first thing that comes to our mind is Disco. An Era when Laxmikant Pyarelal and RD Burman transitioned the music trend. Inspired by the music in the West, the Indian film Music became as foot tapping, whilst still retaining the melody of the past decade. Here are many of my foot tapping favorite tunes of the 80’s


As every decade evolves into the next seamlessly…so was in the case of Indian Film Music. From Disco to Jhankaar beats of the 90’s. This was the era of cassette tapes. An exciting time when getting your hands on a music tape of a movie to be released was a privilege and a status symbol. Music got melodious again but with a lot of melodrama. Nadeem Shravan, Jatin Lalit, Anu Malik, AR Rahman became the uncrowned Kings of the Music industry, but well deservedly. The tunes of 90’s are as Iconic and classic as time. The most popular era we would all love to rewind to, that flowed seamlessly into the music style of today that is more contemporary yet keeping the aesthetics of the right notes. Here are many of my heart tickling tunes of the 90’s and present.